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"Our stories:
You may already know famous luxury car manufacturers. They are known for accommodating every customer need for their vehicle, no matter how strange. And of course, the price of this personalization is very high, even customers have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get a satisfactory leather color in the interior.

If you then read these lines, congratulations, you are about to experience a service similar to the luxury car manufacturer mentioned above: a service to personalize your living space. And we offer you this service at a much cheaper price than luxury car companies.

Imagine if you enter a simply furnished room, you find it difficult to make an impression in that room. But just add a few of our products (carpet, bedding set, canvas art, etc.) and especially those that have impressive images printed on them (a forest, a waterfall, etc.). The vastness of the room will immediately shine in your eyes.

And what's even better is when the highlight products of this room can express your individuality. If you love dogs, we have adorable dog themed rugs. You like nature, we bring majestic nature into your living room with canvas pictures. Do you want your bedroom to be full of love? We have blankets printed with lots of love.

Or if you like an image and want to personalize it in your room, you can send it to us and we will print it on the item you want. All thanks to the print-on-demand model we use. It's a model where we use a network of printers around the world. And our mission is to focus only on what we do best: designing and selling. That's why you'll find so many high-quality designs on our website.

Who are we?
We are 4 college friends. Since our school days, we have been working together to sell products online on e-commerce platforms. First of all, we sell small handmade goods imported from China and Vietnam. Then a friend in the group moved into a new house and the four of us looked for home decorations for him. Since then we have had a passion for interior design. And now we founded the company OliviaMod.com together and rented an office at LLC 661 Thorn Street Imperial Beach, CA, 91932 USA

Our main product
We sell made-to-order (POD – Print on Demand) products for home decoration. The main products are: carpets, quilts, blankets, canvas art... And we are constantly working to expand our collection and improve the quality of our products.

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Email: support@by-olivias.com

Address: LLC 661 Thorn Street Imperial Beach, CA, 91932 United States

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